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Physical strength is the basis of all swordsmanship.

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The difference in physical strength will make the battle ahead more difficult.

(The exhaustion rate is too much, but I have to do it!)

If I waste too much time, Tenshi-sama and the others will be in danger.

I brought out my soul dress to settle the match immediately.

「Destroy -〈Zeon〉!」

The “True Black Sword” appeared as though tearing through the empty space.

Blade, Hilt, Guard, were all dyed in jet black – A sword of darkness.

When I gripped the hilt, a storm of darkness swept violently.

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(Yoshi, I can do this!)

Immense power gushed out from the depths of my body.

My body clad in a jet black robe, and I took a forward bent posture.

「I-Impossible, that Black Sword is…!?」

Zerey’s eyes were fixed on the Black Sword, as he trembled in fear.

「I see, that’s what it was… No wonder the curse method doesn’t work… No wonder you’re clad in that repulsive darkness…」