Which is better for writing to share and make money online?

Which is better for writing to share and make money online?

It was like in Honor of Kings, when a player who was used to being tortured in the High-King Tier moved to the Bronze Tier and suddenly realized that everyone around him could not play at all.

What’s more-after Zhang Zuting’s commercial became popular, many people formed an impression of the game in their heads.

When they saw the game appear in their application store, players who had nothing better to do became curious.

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They could not help but download the game so they could discover the truth behind the commercial. Since the commercial had become so popular, they wanted to see the game’s true colors for themselves.

Once they entered the game, many people who had originally been prejudiced against it realized that it was completely different from what they had imagined!

In the afternoon…

Lin Wan sat in her office, watching the figures increase rapidly. She was over the moon. It looked like changing the game into a mobile one was the right move! Although they could not see much result in half a day, one thing was obvious.

Bloody Battle Song’s mobile version had been the seventh-best mobile game at first, but it was now number six!

It was quite amazing.

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Although the mobile version of Bloody Battle Song had been in seventh place on the application store at first, it was only because the staff at Shenhua had created fake figures for it. It was almost the same as buying followers on Weibo.

However, the exact mechanics behind these rankings were vastly different from hot searches on Weibo.

The mobile version of Bloody Battle Song was ranked in seventh place because of fake figures. No matter how unpopular it was, it would still remain in seventh place. It would not descend any further.