Student Party online make money

Student Party online make money

However, on further thought, wasn’t this the same idea as the Useful App? That was fine.

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Yu Pingan thought about it. The request from Bunny Tail Live-Stream had a certain conflict with the application.

There were not many outstanding young lecturers and scholars after all. These were very precious resources. They had to teach and do research. Their spare time was limited. They could only choose one out of two.

Unless it was a few talented liver emperors.

This involved a problem of resource allocation. If Yu Pingan graciously agreed to Chen Yufeng’s request, it would cause all these young lecturers and scholars to go to Bunny Tail live-stream to collect money. Wouldn’t it backfire if the work on Useful App backfired?

Tengda’s various departments were indeed helping each other unconditionally, but the prerequisite was that they could not affect the work of their respective departments.

Yu Pingan considered for a moment and said, “How about this? I’ll give Boss Pei a call to ask for instructions.”

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“Let Boss Pei decide on how to allocate the resources.”

At that moment, Pei Qian was leisurely drinking coffee in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, watching the GPL competition on the cafe’s television.

The GPL competition was getting more and more exciting.

Zhang Yuan’s E-Sports Department was obviously racking its brains for the viewing pleasure of the GPL competition. It had been constantly optimizing. Pei Qian was even a little worried. What if there was a huge gap between the ICL and GPL after the competition? What would he do then?

However, this should not happen on further thought.

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Eric was so smart that he would definitely “refer” to the contents of the GPL seriously. That meant that the better the GPL was done, the more things the ICL could copy. It would be more beneficial for the ICL to close the gap with the GPL from the beginning.

Thus, Pei Qian was no longer worried about the ICL. Instead, he relaxed and continued watching the competition.

GPL’s Spring Competition was in full swing. The clubs used all their tricks, and all sorts of outstanding tactics were emerging. Obviously, once a league got on the right track and the strength of the various clubs increased overall, the environment would become better and the competition would become more intense. The ecology of the entire competition would naturally improve.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

Pei Qian saw that it was Yu Pingan.

“Hello? Boss Pei, I have something to report to you. Bunny Tail Live-Stream wants to invite young lecturers and scholars who are working with Useful App to do live-streaming. They said that it was your idea. Of course, we have no objections. We just want to ask. There are only so many lecturers and professors. Their time is limited. How should we distribute them?”

Yu Pingan quickly reported his problem to Boss Pei.