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I plopped my head downwards while Tendou-san remained silent since then…it’s like hell down here. Also, for some reason, there’s suddenly enough space on the bus for us to sit together…and other commuters sat quite far from us, it feels like we are alone on this bus.


I took a glance at Tendou-san secretly. I somehow feel like the “Gamer Bunny” she put on her legs is staring at me…so I turned around and looked at the window.

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The bus hasn’t moved yet, there’s nothing to look at, but then Tendou-san faced towards the window since then, I can’t see her face. I can’t see her reflections from the window either, maybe it’s because of the angle. I can’t really sit tight. The view of the Around 1 brimming with lights just made me feel even more tragic.

I really wanted to disappear right now, what the hell am I doing? Now that I’m thinking about what did we do for today, none of them would qualify as “ me giving Tendou-san a satisfying impression.” While she did have fun in Around 1, but I don’t think I’m involved in any of this at all. Around 1 is the only thing that’s giving her fun.

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“I should’ve never went on a date without a plan…”

I had always been like this, the same goes for my gaming style. Rather than contemplating on my playthrough, I would just dive into the whole thing again brainlessly. That’s why you never see growth in me. Of course, while I do gain subtly while gaming, but that was never enough for a date.

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“Is it really too heavy for me…?”

Mizumi-kun’s face suddenly appeared in my brain. Perhaps he should be the one to go with Tendou-san, especially when it comes to competing with each other. I would often play with him nowadays, and I have to say, his adaptability Is really amazing. He is the definition of the protagonist, the one that is on the same side as Tendou-san.

I don’t think there’s a sample answer when it comes to gaming styles. However, there’s no way for all players to get along with each other. A piece of good evidence for this is that some games will use a matchmaking system and create a casual zone and a competitive zone. None are better than the other, but there are certainly preferences.

In terms of this, Tendou-san and I are different. This sort of mindset is certainly not limited to gaming, we are destined to see things differently at some point in our relationship.

“…Especially when I was in that race, I used the power-up at last…that’s the issue, right.”