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The lady at the front desk was a little embarrassed. “Ah, I’m very sorry!”

“Wait, Mr. Tian Mo?”

She suddenly realized something. “You’re Mr. Tian Mo? Aiya, you should have said so earlier. You don’t have to fill out the form. Just follow me.”

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The lady stood up and led Tian Mo inside, attracting the envious and indignant gazes of the two or three brothers who were queuing on the sofa.

Tian Mo subconsciously looked around the office as he walked in.

He had long heard that Tengda’s office environment was ridiculously good. Today, he realized that it was indeed the case!

Previously, Tian Mo had suspected that these rumors were exaggerated. Now, he knew that they were not exaggerated at all. They were all true.

However, at the same time, he was even more puzzled. Which leader in Tengda Corporation had so much power? That young man did not look that old. Could he be a relative of one of the leaders in Tengda Corporation?

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The lady at the front desk who was leading the way stopped as Tian Mo continued thinking. “Please wait a moment.”

Tian Mo saw the words “CEO’s office” written on the door sign of this independent office.

Before Tian Mo could react, the receptionist knocked on the door and said, “Boss Pei, the person you were waiting for has arrived.”

“Let him in,” the person inside replied.

The lady at the front desk turned to Tian Mo and said, “Go in quickly. Boss Pei has been waiting for a long time.”

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Tian Mo was stunned.

If he remembered correctly, Tengda Corporation only had one Boss Pei. That was...

Boss Pei sent me a note on the street asking me to come to Tengda for an interview?

Tian Mo felt a little dizzy. Everything around him seemed unreal, as if he had not woken up.

Tian Mo entered Boss Pei’s office, feeling helpless.

Pei Qian pointed at the sofa beside him. “Don’t be reserved, have a seat anywhere you like.”