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The island was destined to sink to the bottom of the sea with the living sakura due to the erosion of the waves.

Rocks-san couldn’t accept that fate, and took in the living sakura as his own spirit core, and the sakura transferred over the memory of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style to his descendants as a rent for lending his body.

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It seems that the Valencia clan is “recreating” the Sakura Blossom Style by relying on the memory of the founder.

I simply intended to go out for light swinging practice, but I ended up hearing a magnificent story instead.

After digesting everything I heard from Rose, I asked about something which interested me.

「By the way… what happened to Rocks-san and the sakura he took in?」

After all, he is the founder of the Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style who lived for 2,000 years.

Perhaps, he is still alive.

(And the vow of succession…)

If it is still valid, the living sakura must still exist somewhere.

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「Who knows. There is no record of his last moments. However, my grandfather said, “The living sakura is still blooming.” Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me where exactly the location is.」

Rose said, and shook her head slightly.

「By the way, Rocks’ thick notes were written like this at the end –『To my descendants who have yet to come, I hope that you will develop Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style to greater heights and someday overcome my demonic god-like friend. -Rocks Valencia』. How I interpret that line is, he seems to be very disappointed in his one and only defeat in his entire life.」

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「Ahaha. That sore loser aspect is exactly the same as Rose.」

I joked as such.

「Hmm, is that a compliment?」