Student Party Online Part-time Money Applications APP

Student Party Online Part-time Money Applications APP

After all, Liang Qingfan had designed the apartments. The extreme minimalism would be very pleasing to the eye, so that many would not even pause to think about the flaws of such a design. They might act on their impulse and move in.

Thus, Pei Qian had to make sure that Liang Qingfan wrote all of its flaws on the website and dissuade potential customers even before they came down to view the apartments.

That way, he could greatly reduce the number of people who would rent the apartments on impulse. Even if people did rent the apartments, the daily inconvenience would work to dissuade them from extending their lease in the long term.

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As for the DGE Club, Pei Qian had not thought of a good solution. He could only try to think of something in the coming days.

Soon, the Management Trainees finished reporting.

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Pei Qian was very happy with the first post-examinations Management Trainee Meeting. “Good job, everyone. Please continue to work hard!”

In the afternoon, on ZZ Live-Stream...

The ‘Performance Competition’ was about to begin!

Before it officially started, huge groups of viewers were already entering the live-streaming room. That was mainly because of the excessive advertising ZZ had engaged in to boost attendance at this competition.

What’s more, the title ‘Performance Competition’ caused people to instinctively want to find out about the rules of the competition.

The competition schedule was already out. ZZ Live-Stream had invited all the first-tier teams in the country. Even the ‘invincible DGE’ marketed for a long time by Waiwai was taking part in the competition!

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Thus, many people came to ZZ, wanting to find out whether the legendary ‘invincible team’ was really invincible or the live-streaming platform had just made it up.

The attention that Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform had fought so hard to attract had now been diverted to ZZ.

Yet, Waiwai was not losing out.

Who says I can’t do the same back to you?

ZZ had invested a lot of effort and money into marketing this time, and Waiwai already knew that it would be extremely difficult to fight it. Thus, it didn’t bother to. Instead, it prepared to reap rewards from ZZ’s hard work as well.