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Amano-kun looks a bit deflated. I looked at him and showed a bitter smile.

“Sorry, I said something weird. However, the word ‘talent’ has always accompanied me. So, I want to hear everyone’s definition of talent.

“I see. …Well, I do want to help you out.”

Amano-kun said that and moaned gently again. …He’s indeed a weird person. On the surface, he looks uninterested in other people. …However, he’s more interested than everyone else.

So, my chest is also satisfied by looking at Amano-kun’s expression alone. During this time, unexpectedly, Amano-kun seems to have thought of something. “Ah, right.”

He looked into my eyes and spoke up a bit unconfidently.

“I don’t really have any philosophical definition of talent. …But, I do have something inside my heart when I say the word.”

“Ha, inside your heart? What is it?”

“Well, that would be…”

Amano-kun smiled. He has always been like this. …Then, he spoke up with warmth.

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“I won’t say the word ‘talent’ to deny someone’s effort.”


I can’t help but bulge my eyes after hearing that. However, …Amano-kun didn’t notice my reaction and continued his explanation a bit embarrassedly.