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how to make money off of youtube

This time was no exception. While the lads under Meng Chang ran faster than the other after work, their efficiency was indeed ridiculously high. They took only a week to finish the promotional video.

Meng Chang was unsure, so he showed it to Boss Pei immediately.

Pei Qian was not interested in this. “Go and give it to Old Ma. I won’t watch it.”

However, on further thought, he said, “Forget it. I’ll take a look since I’m already here.”

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Meng Chang immediately went forward and handed his tablet computer over.

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Pei Qian clicked on the video.

The promotional video was not very long, only about three minutes. What’s more, they were scenes that were commonly seen in life. There were very few characters in the video, so it was completed in less than a week.

The promotional video started with a university dormitory.

There were two students in the picture. One had messy hair and looked listless. The other was wearing glasses and looked much better.

Their appearance highlighted their identities: a flunkie and a top student.

In the first scene, the flunkie wore earphones and ate fruits while watching game live-streams at night. He would laugh from time to time. On the other hand, the top student would wear earplugs and study hard under the light of the desk lamp.

In the second scene, the lights were turned off at night. The flunkie laid in his bed and continued watching the live-stream on his cell phone. He even sent a few gifts to the live streamer lady in the late night slot. The top student immediately went to bed and set the alarm clock for tomorrow morning.

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In the third scene, the flunkie slept until almost noon before waking up. He continued watching the live-stream on his computer after ordering take-out. However, he only found one that he was relatively satisfied with after flipping through more than ten live-streams since there were not many live-streamers in the afternoon. He ate take-out while watching. At that moment, the top student was in the library, reading, revising, and preparing for his exams.

In the fourth scene, both of them graduated and started their respective jobs. The flunkie became an ordinary employee of the company. He worked at his desk while skiving and watching live-streams secretly. The top student worked hard in the company and made use of every minute of his time.

In the fifth scene, the flunkie was fired by the company because of his poor performance. He stood at the entrance of the company, lost and in pain. However, he habitually opened a live-stream on the bus on the way back. The scene changed. On the other hand, the top student had just been specially hired to work in the same company as a management. He was warmly welcomed by the upper echelons of the company in the conference room...

Finally, the screen showed the logo of the bunny tail live-stream and a line of slogans. “Everyone has the same amount of time. The difference is how you control it.”

This promotional video had some minor changes to Meng Chang’s initial plan, but it did not affect much.

At first, Meng Chang had wanted to arrange for four roles in the promotional video: two students and two office workers. However, after some thought, he decided that there was no need for that. Thus, he chose only two people and allowed the entire promotional video to run through their students and working lives.

This way, the continuity of the entire promotional video would be better, but the irony would also be greater.