Which of the money is made?

Which of the money is made?

No…at this point, it would be too optimistic to dismiss this as a mere coincidence.

Nanase seemed to have some grasp of my actions and was checking on me every step of the way.

However, I don’t feel any kind of malice in it.

If that’s the case, then what's her objective?

Nakaizumi and Suzuki passed by in front of the three of us.

Seeing this, the other two didn’t seem to have noticed anything unusual.

“What’s wrong, Ayanokouji? Did those two do something wrong?”

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“No…I was just wondering where they were going.”

“Ah, you’ve got a point. There’s not really anything up ahead, is there? Maybe they’re lost?”

There are no special facilities beyond this point. It’s not impossible that they’re lost, though.

To begin with, people don’t visit this level for any purpose other than the private pool.

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Just like Nanase, they were walking around in places I wouldn’t consider normal.

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Speaking of which, I saw Nanase, Nakaizumi and the others on the deck near the bow yesterday.

“But Airi’s in trouble. She seems to have a lot of formidable enemies.”