Taobao sells oil to make money?

Taobao sells oil to make money?

He could not develop a 3A FPS game as Cai Jiadong had suggested. The chances of success were too high.

Pei Qian summarized the success of “Animal Island” mainly because this idea was not ridiculous enough.

Previously, he had decided to work on the “Animal Island” project mainly because he had spoken in a hurry during the meeting. After rejecting realistic FPS, movie games, and other genres, he had inexplicably decided on the cartoon style and leisure game.

Then, Animal Island was born after a lot of imagination.

Looking back at Animal Island, Pei Qian realized that it was obviously too reliable.

Why would he have allowed Slow Movement Studio to develop such a reliable game back then?

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It was no wonder that they had failed so badly.

Therefore, Pei Qian felt that the reason why the VR game did not fail was mainly because he was lazy back then and his ideas were not ridiculous enough.

He would definitely be able to incur losses by raising a particularly ridiculous VR game idea this time and invest a huge sum of money. Coupled with the upcoming trend of the VR industry gradually turning cold!

At that thought, Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “Both of you have the right ideas.”

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“Obviously, it still doesn’t fit my previous definition of ‘Slow Movement’.”

“Think about it. What did we discuss before you confirmed that you were going to create a VR game?”

Lin Wan and Cai Jiadong looked at each other.

Cai Jiadong said, “I remember at that time, everyone said that they wanted to make cell phone games. Boss Pei, you said that Slow Movement means making bold assumptions and carefully seeking confirmation. We have to have a long-term view when establishing a goal. You have to take one step at a time, but will still take the wrong path if we only care about what’s below our feet and don’t have foresight.”

“Another thing is that you can only improve if you dare to breakthrough. None of the previous projects have succeeded because of ‘stability’.”

“Could it be that… Boss Pei, do you think my thinking is still too stable?”