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2018 students make money online

“Strong chest muscles.”

“Strong back muscles...”

The promotional video that Meng Chang had asked Lin Jiaqiang to film appeared on the big screen.

In the video, Lin Jiaqiang was wearing a loose sports vest and sweating profusely on the smart fitness drying rack.

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However, in the next second, he gave up on persevering and began drying clothes on the smart fitness drying rack.

“What are you waiting for when the smart fitness drying rack has so many functions? Hurry up and order!”

At the end of the promotional video was Lin Jiaqiang standing beside the smart fitness drying rack. He gave the camera a thumbs up and made a ‘like’ gesture.

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He had a homophobic face from the beginning. The last scene had a flattering effect coupled with this unique-looking machine.

Chang You came to the stage again. “This is the masterpiece of our Otto Technologies. It’s a new smart product: smart fitness drying rack!”

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“It solved the biggest pain in the gym equipment in one fell swoop: drying clothes is inconvenient!”

“Not only can this equipment be used for fitness, but it can also dry up more than ten pieces of clothing. It also has the automatic drying function and smart reminder function, making the fitness equipment at home no longer a mere decoration!”

Chang You’s serious introduction made the audience burst into laughter again.

“Hahahahaha what the hell? I was wondering why it was so heavy. It’s actually a fitness equipment!”

“Artificial intelligence combined with fitness? Which genius product manager thought of that?!”

“I was wrong. I should not have treated this news conference as a proper news conference from the beginning. Even though I reminded myself countless times that this news conference would most likely be done, I never thought that the existence of the entire news conference would be done!”