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Qiao Liang answered, “Even if these analyses were released, I did not interpret them myself. Instead, it was equivalent to making your mouthpiece.”

“I’m a principled UP Master. How can I do such a thing?”

Meng Chang felt a little dizzy. This Teacher Qiao was quite proud.

Not making a video just because he did not analyze the content?


“If you don’t make a video, the second half of my publicity plan won’t be able to continue!”

“I have to have a solver!”

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“I can’t possibly interpret it myself, right? I might have some influence, but that’s all negative influence. I’ll mess everything up!”

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It was just like an artist painting a famous painting. If no one appreciated it, wouldn’t it be buried? The value of the famous painting would only be reflected by someone who could convince everyone.

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Qiao Liang said, “You can interpret it yourself. Just open an alternate account.”

“I’ll share your video when the time comes.”

Meng Chang: “This…”

He did not expect Qiao Liang to not ride on the popularity. He was momentarily at a loss.

Qiao Liang said again, “Since you want to interpret it, you have to do it well! It looks like you’ve done it better than me this time.”

“In order for the publicity to end perfectly, you must make the video yourself.”

Meng Chang: “But my voice will be recognized.”

Qiao Liang: “Find someone else to dub over the voice, or create it using electronic voice.”