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“I also think this strategy is very good. We shouldn’t challenge the exam without having taken any countermeasures.”

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Hirata had discussed this with her beforehand, so there should be no negative comments about the plan. His aim was to create a favorable atmosphere.

Kōenji usually didn't consent with things like this, but he showed neither affirmation nor denial.

Rather, he seemed uninterested in the chain of conversation. His ability to integrate into the class was even worse than Horikita’s. But this time he maintained his typical attitude which is probably for the best.

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Although Kōenji usually doesn’t take the special tests seriously, he would always avoid situations where he would be at risk for dropping out.

This time, for the case of the "mandatory pairing", he wouldn't get poor grades. While the chances of it are low, there is a chance you might get expelled even you get a few perfect marks on the finals, depending on the capability of your partner.

Due to this, though he would pretend not to be interested, he would probably be willing to cooperate with the exam.

No, Kōenji’s behavior might not be readable. There’s the possibility that he’ll end up doing something unpredictable.

“Kōenji-kun. Do you have any objections?”

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“I have no objections, that was really a nonsense question. Of course, I have already mastered the contents of this exam.”

He stretched his long legs onto his desk as usual and smoothed his hair back.

“Well, can I expect you to indeed score more than 80 points?”

“What do you think? Wouldn’t that depend on the content of the test?”

“If you deliberately score 0 points and get matched up with another student with high grades, there will be a risk of a breakdown in the overall balance for the class. Could you at least understand this, if anything?”

The only thing to be afraid of for these quizzes is an abnormal score. A highly-capable pair like Horikita and Kōenji being created must be avoided.

“I’ll consider it carefully. Girl.”

Even though Kōenji’s answer was really suspicious, she couldn’t pursue the topic now.

Because we have to control the points of the official final exam.

(Intro End.)