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On the other hand, Lin Chang was very active. He volunteered to be the boss of the SHG Club and even personally looked for managers and team leaders.

Obviously, Lin Chang was very satisfied with this round of operations and was very optimistic about the future of the SHG Club.

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“Recently, I’ve been playing GOG and watching GOG’s competition on the plane. I suddenly feel that this game is quite interesting!”

“I always thought that it was just a game. What’s so good about it? Is it better than football?”

“However, after playing it, I realized that it was really interesting. The current popularity is far less than that of ball games but this kind of esports model has a quality that ball games do not possess in terms of viewing!”

“Sigh, Boss Pei, which hero do you like the most? I like the Literary Genius of the Winds, Ruan and Modest...”

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“This game is really fun. Boss Pei, how did you design it?”

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Lin Changyue became more excited.

In fact, at the beginning, he was only here to support the game. He did not think that E-Sports would be able to make much of a name for itself. He was just here to play around.

In the end, it was only after getting to know more about the game that he realized that an alternative sports competition like E-Sports was indeed exciting and interesting!

That was why Lin Chang was vested. He went around buying things, showing off how much money a person had.

“So, Boss Pei, GOG’s competition is the best in the eSports world now, right?” Lin Chang asked.

Zhang Yuan smiled and said, “Boss Lin, that’s hard to say. Finger Games is also preparing for IOI’s international finals. They are not short of money or manpower and they’ve been preparing for so long. They might not lose to GOG’s international invitational tournament.”

“GOG is now domineering in the country but it is still lacking compared to IOI in the world.”

Lin Chang nodded with realization. “I see.”

He looked at Pei Qian and said, “Boss Pei, do you need any help to promote GOG overseas? We can help promote it through advertisements or insert into some for movies since we have been overseas for sometime...”

Pei Qian quickly said, “No need!”