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Earn money on the Internet ten

Logically speaking, Yan Qi should be happy. After all, the more advertisements they advertised on Dawn Games, the more players they would attract. The more they were released on the platform, the more money they would earn.

However, the problem was that Yan Qi realized that the actual conversion rate of these advertisements seemed to be very low!

Until now, Dawn Games platform had not even produced a software for the gaming platform, much less a game.

Even if players clicked on these advertisements, they could only jump to the official webpage of Dawn Games. They could not play the game at all.

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How could he talk about the conversion rate?

Dawn Games could use Tengda’s account to log in but there were many applications that could use Tengda’s account to log in.

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All the companies that Dream Realization Ventures had invested in basically supported using Tengda accounts to log in. Many companies that were not related to Tengda could also use Tengda accounts to log in.

This was a slight advantage, but it did not have much of a decisive effect.

After all, the most important factor was how many good games there were on the platform.

However, no matter what, it was better to spend money on publicity than not.

The efficiency of spending this money was very low, but at least he had a familiar face. He sent a message to all players and game developers: We might be a new platform, but we are still relatively rich. We welcome everyone to cooperate.

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Yan Qi was still hoping to cozy up to the Dawn Games platform. Under such circumstances, he could not say much. He could not possibly teach them how to do publicity, right?

He could only wait and see.