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Yet, he was still hoping that they would die off.

What a sad story...

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However, this also meant that Meng Chang seemed to be able to become his barometer. Any project that Meng Chang did not like most probably meant that the success rate was very high. He had to be more careful.

Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang and felt that it was very precious to have someone in the company who had the same idea as him.

It was a pity that Meng Chang did not work overtime. Otherwise, Pei Qian would not mind changing the agreement and giving him some overtime pay to encourage him.

However, Meng Chang had not worked overtime since he joined Tengda, it was enough to show that he did not like working overtime. Raising overtime pay now would backfire, so Pei Qian did not mention it.

He just hoped he could successfully get a commission this time round!

Meng Chang returned to the advertising and marketing department confidently after receiving the contract from Boss Pei.

He felt more at ease with Boss Pei’s promise!

Boss Pei was an evil person, often ruining his publicity plans when they were about to succeed, causing them to fail at the last step. However, overall, he was still someone with pride.

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He would only play dirty and not fall out.

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What’s more, Boss Pei was a man of his word. He would never break his promise. That was something worth trusting.

However, there were times when he would go around his promises made and stab others in an unexpected direction.

Therefore, Meng Chang decided to be cautious and remain vigilant even though he had obtained the commitment from Boss Pei.

Meng Chang immediately found Yu Yao and handed the new publicity plan to him after returning to the advertising and marketing department.

“Throw all the publicity funds we received this month onto Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.”

“This is the publicity material.”

“The publicity method is mainly based on local push and web-based advertisements. You can decide on the specific ratio. In short, you can buy the advertisement space as long as they meet the requirements.”