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There were no mops, no blood stains on the floor, and no broken wooden tubs.

The men’s bath was clean and serene.

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(T-Those guys…)

Sebas-san and Bacchus-san sensed the situation early, and abandoned me.

Their unbelievable danger sensing ability and speed of escape… that would usually amaze me, but at this moment, I was seething with fury.

Sebas-san and Bacchus-san dumped all responsibility and fault on me.

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(T-Those two are the worst… This is unforgivable.)

I was trembling with anger at having been abandoned by those two.

「Hey, Allen… this is the “second time”, you know?」

Ria glared at me, citing the “first” incident that happened on the entrance ceremony day where I happened to see her naked by chance.

「I-Indeed I conveyed that I liked you on Valentine’s Day… but this is a little too embarrassing. I’m not mentally prepared for it…」Rose muttered while crouching, slightly panicked.

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「I understand that you would be interested in things like these since you’re a boy… But peeping is wrong. I-If you ask p-properly, then I-I would… y-you know…」

Submerged in the bathtub, the president repeatedly glanced at me, blushing so red even to her ears.

Apparently, my excuses were ineffective.

(I guess it is only natural.)

After all, there is only one “evidence” here.

Not only is there no physical evidence such as mops, blood stains, and slashed wooden tubs, there is no circumstantial evidence, that is, Sebas-san or Bacchus-san either.

The only thing left is the “distorted fact” which is, Allen Rodore suddenly jumped into the women’s bath.