Online approval

Online approval

Being called, I started walking with Horikita.

“A-… Au…”

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Huh? I saw Sakura who was following us from behind dropping her shoulders.

“Let’s find food together Sakura.”

Yamauchi, who called behind Sakura’s back, suddenly showed me thumbs up. It seemed that was the sign of using the chance of only two of us being together.

“Take care, Ibuki-san.”

Ibuki and Kushida who stayed paired up. Ibuki is unsocial as well but there shouldn’t be problem being with Kushida.

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“Horikita, how will you handle the custom key card?”

“I check it on the sixth day of the trial, right… I always have it on me.”

Saying this, she put her hands in the pocket of her jacket letting me know it’s right there.

“When I improve the device, I’ll slip it among the students arranged by Hirata-kun. Ibuki and the others aren’t supposed to know.”

Well, I wasn’t worried much concerning the circumstances. Since it was the thing I had to pay the most attention to I’ll do it well.

“Could you show it to me?”

“Huh? Here?”

“It’s rather convenient here. It’s too suspicious in the basecamp.“

“… That’s true, but what will you do when you see the card?”