How to make money on online bullfighting

How to make money on online bullfighting

So, originally, I could have been caught much sooner.

“Here! Checkmate! Thou is there…”

『Quick out!』

“Wh… what!?”

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Jamdi’el’s voice gradually came closer, and when she was just about to catch me, I turned to the outside.

At that moment, for the first time, Jamdi’el was caught off-guard by my move.

At my unexpected change of direction, Yamidile couldn’t keep up with the movement of her wings and flew straight, opening the distance to me again.

“…… what is the meaning of this? Come on, wait! This time…”


“Eh? Again…”

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This time, cut back to the front, towards the left.

“I… misread… it? Did the movement of his muscles … change on the way? The moment I reacted!?”

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At that moment, I heard a puzzled voice from Jamdi’el.

Why was Jamdi’el, who can anticipate my movements, being outsmarted by me?

『Tis obvious. Heraldic eyes? What of it? Mine is the Six-Gate eye which has superior compatibility. Its ability to read ahead, grasp the environment, experience value, all far surpassing Jamdi’el. The thought circuit and the comprehensive ability of Jamdi’el, her movement and behavioral patterns, I know it all… hence… so does the child.』

The answer is simple. Because Tre’ainar was there.