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「The only person that stood a chance against her was Ferris of Ice King Academy! But in the end, it seems Ferris never won.」

「Heee, is that so…」

She told us quite an interesting story.

While listening to the stories of Thousand Blade Academy from the old days, we arrived at Drestia in no time.

Fortunately, we never encountered any beast or monster throughout the journey.

「I’m glad that we were able to finish the task without any problems.」

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「Thank you. I had a lot of fun telling those stories. Well, I’ll take my leave… ha!?」

Sandy-san suddenly hardened like a stone statue in the middle of the conversation.

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「W-What happened!?」

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「Are you alright?」

「Back… my back…!?」

She squeezed out those words forcefully.

Speaking of which … Bons-san said the client had a weak back.

「A-Anyway, let’s go to the hospital!」

When I was still a kid.