Online daily report WeChat make money true and false

Online daily report WeChat make money true and false

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He touched the mustache above his lips and muttered to himself, “Tengda’s reputation is that good? It has such strong appeal?

“So many people had responded to their call!

“The GPL hasn’t even begun yet, and we can’t even see any potential for generating profits. Yet, this blank check has attracted more than a hundred million yuan worth of investments.

“What’s even scarier is that everyone is actively boycotting those three clubs. They would rather spend over 20 million yuan on one slot than touch those teams selling for 15 million yuan. All of them can’t wait to send money to Tengda!

“This is unheard of.

“It just so happened that Tengda’s Dream Realization Ventures is investing in social enterprises. I tried my luck and signed up for it, but I didn’t expect to be selected.

“With my ability, if I manage to obtain Tengda’s investment and get other companies to invest...

“Wouldn’t I be able to retire and move out of the country in two or three years?”

November 8th, Tuesday...

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Meng Chang arrived below the office of Dream Realization Ventures and tidied up his appearance.

The weather was a little cold. Meng Chang was wearing a fitting casual suit with a single colored T-shirt underneath, jeans, and sneakers.

He did not have a shirt nor tie. The most commercial thing he had on him was a watch, and this watch was not an expensive mechanical watch. It was extremely simple.

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His hair and his mustache had been trimmed. He looked neither old nor frivolous.

Meng Chang was very satisfied with his current image.

All of which had obviously been carefully prepared.

The wave of mobile internet was rising rapidly which affected internet entrepreneurs not only in terms of ideas but also in terms of appearance.

The big shots who were in this industry were no longer in suits and leather shoes now. All of them were basically wearing single colored t-shirts and jeans. Their hairstyles were basically straight or round, and they looked as neat as they could.

In the eyes of investors, you would be a slovenly veteran industry insider with rich Internet experience, and in the eyes of users and bystanders, you are a down-to-earth CEO.