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“What does Ayanokouji want to do?”

“I don’t know, even if I want to explain, I can’t. Like I said yesterday, I just prepared this location under Chairman Sakayangi’s orders. I also need an explanation for me to understand what’s going on.”

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Both teachers cast a doubtful gaze at me, but I continued to explain.

“If I said that I’m the reason why Tsukishiro replaced Chairman Sakayanagi after being confined for suspected wrongdoing, what would you say, Mashima-sensei?”


Even if we get straight into the topic, it wouldn’t be easy to progress in this situation.

Not only that, but Mashima-sensei’s doubts are growing deeper.

“This makes no sense. Why is it because of you?”

Of course, this would be the natural reaction.

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He would never have thought that a student would shape the very structure of the school itself.

Sure enough, we should start with the end of year exam.

“Let me explain what happened—”

When I wanted to bring up the end of year exam, Sakayanagi raised her hand.

“Sorry, but is it alright for me to explain?”.

Sakayanagi seemed to have anticipated this would happen and suggested to explain it herself.

“Sakayanagi, you said you knew about the situation right? ”