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The first episode of the team competition was indeed as everyone had expected. Phil’s team had suffered a crushing defeat in the competition with the other teams.

The production team also gave the least number of shots to Phil’s team. This created an illusion for the audience: It seemed like Phil did not do anything, and his team was as useless as him. They quickly lost.

Thus, the discussion about Phil became even worse.

However, Phil’s team seemed to have changed completely in the second episode. They obtained second place with outstanding performance.

However, this time, the production team still gave Phil’s team the least number of shots. This caused a lot of information during the preparation process to be missing, causing the audience to be dissatisfied.

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The audience felt that it was the production team who looked down on Phil’s team and did not take them seriously. They gave more shots to the other three teams, causing Phil’s team to be treated unfairly even though they achieved good results.

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Thus, in the third episode of the team competition, the production team gave Phil’s team more screen time. This time, the audience could see the entire process of the preparations made by Phil’s team.

Phil Simmons played a crucial role in the preparation process. He constantly encouraged the apprentices and gave them hints and pointers. He did not decide on the plan for the apprentices to carry out. Instead, he used a more enlightening method, to make them think of a more perfect plan.

The originally disorganized apprentices suddenly became full of fighting spirit. Not only did the trust in the team increase by one notch, but they were now united and their individual abilities seemed to shine.

Thus, Phil’s reputation in the show began to change.

Many people’s impression of Phil changed drastically, and more dimensions appeared in their evaluation of him:

He was a playboy, a rich second-generation heir. He was born at finishing line of many, making people envious and jealous.