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What the f*ck...?

Meng Chang fell into a daze for a moment, unable to figure out what was going on.

He looked at the bullet screen comments in Professor Kong Zhemin’s live-stream.

“He’s actually teaching?”

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“This is a real big boss!”

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“Professor, you’re so good at explaining things. Even a flunkie like me can understand you.”

“Don’t send any random bullet screen comments. Listen carefully!”

“So Bunny Tail Live-stream is not just a live-stream platform, but also a learning platform?”

“I love it, I love it. As expected, the publicity for Bunny Tail Live-Stream came prepared. I was wondering why it attacked the entire live-stream industry!”

“Bunny Tail Live-Stream is completely different from the other sluts!”

Meng Chang’s heart suddenly dropped as he read the comments. He had a bad feeling.

This is bad!

He had been tricked by Boss Pei!

Meng Chang was a smart person. He immediately understood what was going on after seeing the contents of the live-stream and connecting the feedback of the audience and the direction of the promotional video.

At the moment, Bunny Tail Live-Stream was in the testing phase and had just been released. There was not much publicity, so there were not many people. Pei Qian bought more than enough bandwidth in order to spend more money. Thus, the view was very smooth without any signs of being stuck.