What is the meaning of making money online?

What is the meaning of making money online?

“Actually, I beat up some kids from class C yesterday. And earlier, Sensei said that I would be suspended… This is probably punishment for that.”

Surprised from Sudou’s words, Kushida unintentionally looked towards me. I couldn’t swallow the situation at first. That Sudou had been involved in trouble again. Were my worries spot on?

“Beat them up… that, uh, why’d you do it?”

“For your information, I wasn’t at fault, ok? Those class C brats were in the wrong. I just responded when they tried to provoke me. And then they went and told on me. They were being untruthful, too.”

Somehow, it seems like Sudou also hasn’t been able to gather his thoughts. I understood what he was trying to say, but I still didn’t know why the fight started nor the details of the fight.

“Wait a second, Sudou-kun. Can you say it once more, but slower?”

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Kushida encouraged him to calm down and tried to get him to tell us how the fight started.

“Sorry, I must’ve left out too many parts…”

Taking a few deep breaths, Sudou started from the beginning once again.

“The club advisor and I were talking about being able to be a regular for the summer tournaments.”

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I heard that he was good, but I didn’t expect talks about becoming a regular so soon.

“Isn’t that super good, Sudou-kun!? Congratulations!”