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“(The girl who wants him to properly look at her, and a boy who says that he thinks she’s cute from the bottom of his heart. If this isn’t mutual love, I don’t know what is…)”

At least, these two had a good relationship that you could call “friendship”.

“…Good grief.”

With a sigh, I observed them argue over moe once again.

Well… actually, even including all these arguments, these two make a good pair. In other words, my actions were nothing but pointless meddling.

“That’s why Chiaki is—”

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“Keita, Keita, that’s strange—”

The ever-constant situation of the Hobby Club. The rays of the sun entered the classroom gently as it set.

In the end, I failed to improve their antagonistic relationship, and continued to watch them for a bit.

A gentle, adult-like smile appeared on my face.

Calmly, I looked out the window… I quietly thought over what happened today.

“(Like I thought, this Hobby Group is super boringggggggggggggggggggggg!)”

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The harsh rays of the sun pierced my eyes as I remembered how I spent the day completely alone, having been left out of the discussion the whole time.

1. ‘Seaweed girl’ refers to her hairstyle.

Editor: Deus Ex Machina

Note: Aguri refers to herself in the third person.

A certain day of a certain month. Today, Aguri finished the daily love report (it’s painful every time) at the family restaurant with Amano-chi and played around with the phone to kill some time before Aguri finished her drink.

“(As usual, Tasuku rarely contacts me…)”

Feeling somewhat hurt by the truth today once again, Aguri turned off her phone.