What software on the Internet makes money are true

What software on the Internet makes money are true

It wasn’t a smile of madness. Rather a very intelligent smile.

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(This is bad!)

I didn’t know what was bad though.

However, a large opening was being flaunted in front of me.

My sixth sense shouted that it was dangerous to exploit this.

When I decided to trust in my intuition and jumped back greatly, a maximum slash was fired from the shadow of my feet.


In response to the slash that rose to the heavens, I tried to avoid it by pulling back greatly. Resulting in a few locks of my hair being cut off. I avoided it by a hair’s breadth.

(T-That was dangerous…)

If I had unleashed World Judgement at that moment, I would be in two parts by now.

「What a pity… Only a little bit more! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!」

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He opened his mouth wide and began to laugh holding his belly in his arms.