Whether online part-time money is reliable

Whether online part-time money is reliable

“Boss Pei must have his reasons for choosing you as the person-in-charge. It must be because you have some merits that we don’t have.”

“Therefore, if you encounter any problems, you have to think independently. Don’t rely on the inherent experience of us old employees. That might go against Boss Pei’s expectations.”

“Ah…” Tang Yishu was a little disappointed.” But I don’t know anything. ”

Li Yada said, “When I was the person-in-charge of the games department, I knew nothing. That’s normal.”

“Now that I think about it, it might be because I didn’t know anything that I did well. Now that I’m the person-in-charge, I’m worried about gains and losses. I don’t have that kind of drive anymore.”

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“Trust me, since Boss Pei said that you can, you definitely can.”

Tang Yishu nodded reluctantly. “…Alright.”

Initially, he had thought that with Li Yada around, he would be able to do nothing.

From the looks of it now, things were not that simple.

However, Li Yada’s words gave her some confidence.

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Tang Yishu had also participated in a lot of work in Tengda for more than a year. Tengda’s colleagues were very good people. She was no longer as autistic and introverted as before.

Tang Yishu felt that she had been taken care of ever since she joined Tengda. However, she had only been clearing sh*t and doing meetings. The contributions she had made did not match the intern salary she had received.

It would not be bad if he could really make this gaming platform good and share Tengda’s worries.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about the gaming platform. I’ll help you with the preparatory work.”