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“Then you two should at least greet them, right!?”

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“Do none of the year 3 students here can communicate properly!? Ugh, if only Mizumi-kun’s here today. …Why does he have to-“

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“This club member surely likes other people worrying about him.”

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“How dare you two say that!? Sheesh! I finally figured out again why no new members came after him today!”

“Don’t mind it, Tendou.”

“Why are you two the ones to comfort me!? Tell me! Why!?”

The “strong girl” vibe from Karen Tendou immediately disappeared at this moment. All she can do now is complain. …This Game Club is amazing. I guess those weird club activities in limited light novels have to admit defeat too.

Ao and I dropped our jaws. Karen Tendou snapped out of it and cleared her throat.

After that, she turned to us and started introducing those two characteristic members.

“Ahem. W-Well, allow me to introduce the Game Club again. Let's see, first of all, …that four-eyed guy who looks like he’s playing < Data Basketball > is Gakuto Kase-senpai.”

“Oi, Tendou. That’s not an introduction. You’re just mad at me.”

“Well, Kase-senpai. How about you introduce yourself?’