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"What about the two of you?".

Putting on a contemplative face, I returned the question.

"I'm thinking of sticking with Keisei. Using your head and thinking things over isn't really my forte you see".

".....a group made up chiefly of Class C has its draw. It's just, to be honest, I'm not really down with Hirata's way of doing things".

"And that means?".

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Not understanding, Akito asked.

"Rather than prioritizing victory, Hirata is focusing on protecting his comrades. I won't say that's a bad thing but ultimately it means our chances of winning would decrease as a result. As a matter of fact, Ike and Onizuka as well as Sotomura are hoping to join Hirata's group. Whether or not they'll be useful, of course, depends on the contents of the exam. They may yet be able to score better than I can. But, it's far likelier that they won't be given what I think the exam contents will be".

"Well, I suppose that's also true.....".

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"Class A isn't a disorderly mob after all. Even if Yamauchi pulls their leg, it's still skeptical whether or not Hirata's group can win. The only thing we can accomplish is to avoid being dragged down. In that case, I'd much rather be a minority in another group. I think we should aim for victory with an elite few".

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"If this is a showdown of average points then that'd be a surefire way, huh?".

Out of all the 1st years, there are 80 boys.

20 in each class. If we're to properly divide them up then:

Class A (14 from A, 1 from C) = 15 people