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It has been 3 years since I started attending the Gran Swordsmanship Academy

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Although we have been exchanging letters once every month, I have never returned to my hometown.

I was too occupied with myself, that I didn’t have much time.

「Alright… I’ve decided. Let’s return during the next break.」

It would take about 10 hours to walk to my hometown, Goza village.

But, the me right now should be able to arrive faster.

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「Oh yeah, I should buy a souvenir at least」

I’m returning after 3 whole years.

I can’t go empty-handed.

Mother loves rice crackers and mochi very much.

She would surely be happy if I brought her those as souvenirs.

(No, before that… How much do I have right now…)

When I took my wallet out of my pocket and turned it over, three coins fell out.

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「520 golds…」

I can’t buy a decent souvenir with this.

「…Should I take on a part-time job?」

Regarding the part-time job… let’s consult Paula-san.