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“Sorry. I’m standing in the book store reading magazines, that’s why I forgot the time.”

I was the only one that reacted, barely. Kousei is paying attention to his phone. Of course, he’s not fighting with his family. I guess this is like the roles of the older and younger brother.

When mom’s walking towards here to put the car keys back to the cupboards in the living room, she suddenly looked at me as if she found something amazing to talk about.

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“Right, right! Eh, Keita, mom saw it today.”

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“You saw what?”

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I urged mom to continue as I’m still focusing on the game. Then, mom said something unexpected.

“The one that’s famous in your school. …That blonde beauty that I forgot the name!”


I immediately choked. Kousei glanced at mom for a second.

He caught onto the conversation for me, who’s still freaking out and coughing.

“You mean Karen Tendou-senpai?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m quite sure it’s her. Hiya, what an adorable girl, she’s like a doll. Mom freaked out for a second there. What did she eat to have such a beautiful look?”

Mom stared at my short legs as she sighed. …Well, my mother didn’t know that Tendou-san and I are dating. Although it’s not like I’m trying to hide it, you can tell from her appearance that she’s a usual housewife. …So, I don’t really want to tell her everything, …unless Tendou-san’s visiting my home.

Kousei’s aware of this part too, so he didn’t bring this up as he talked.

“So, that Tendou-senpai is at the book store too?”

“Yeah, I think she’s with her handsome boyfriend too.”

Kousei and I reacted shockingly at the same time. Mom slightly tilted her head out of confusion for a second. However, I think she wanted to talk more, so she waved and continued.