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“There are conditions to being selected for the Cannes Film Festival. It must have been completed twelve months before the festival and has not been screened in other international film festivals. It is fine to conduct business operations in your own country but not feasible, in principle, in areas outside your country.” Huang Sibo was taken aback. “Is there anything else to pay attention to? Then, our movie does not seem to meet this condition anymore?” Lin Ruyi nodded. “Yes, but the film festival is a place where people pay attention to connections. Rules are determined by people. Tomorrow is Beautiful might have been released, but the popularity is very low now and there is no particular heated discussion; neither did we participate in other film festivals.

“The reason why these film festivals formulated these mandatory requirements was to lock in more high-quality film resources and to ensure the quality and popularity of the film festival.

“In fact, some films that had won in Berlin, Venice, and other places had also participated in the Cannes Film Festival. However, it was basically very difficult to be selected except for some very good and top-notch films that could win awards.

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“In addition, the relationship between Cannes and the film distribution company was also very delicate. Some bad films could also enter the main competition. It was said that there was an exchange of resources there.

“Of course, this situation was very rare. Most of it was to bring in candidates. Whether you could win the award or not depended on the quality of the film itself. That was the bottom line of Cannes. “So do you understand? Tomorrow is Beautiful is not popular in foreign countries, the quality is not excellent, plus some other reasons that we don’t know about. The judges made an exception to let us enter, but don’t think about winning any awards. We’ve already profited from walking the red carpet and seeing the world.”

Huang Sibo was a little regretful. He might be the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace, but he was the most amateur amongst everyone on the set. He had also been in ‘shock therapy’ recently. He had not understood this even though he had been doing his further studies.

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One naturally did not know of these if one were not in charge of film submissions.

“That was a pity then. If I’d known, then we should have submitted the film before we released it?” Huang Sibo said angrily.

Lin Ruyi shook his head. “You’re thinking too much. Many good domestic films came to Cannes without any results. Tomorrow is Beautiful is probably not enough, too. Moreover, who could think so long term by then?

“What’s more, most directors had participated many times in many Film Festivals and knew each other well. They had relationships with others while we are not even well known in China...

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“Therefore, don’t think so much; we’ll just be around and head back. We are basking in Boss Pei’s light to be here in the first place. We’ve beaten many domestic movies, okay?”

Huang Sibo thought of it and seemed to understand that logic. However, at this moment, Zhu Xiaoce, who had been listening to their conversation, interjected. “Little Lin, Cannes is not the same as Oscars. The organizing crew would not notify the group to participate in the final awards ceremony if they did not win any award. That means that we’ll get one award at the very least.”

Lin Ruyi’s eyes lit up immediately. “Really?”

Zhu Xiaoce hesitated. “Uh... in most cases, yes. However, they would also ask the nominated to come in certain cases. In short, I do think there is hope for the best newcomer award. We must have confidence in the quality of our movie after all.”

The awards were beginning to be announced as they discussed.

Short Film Palme d’Or, Best debut, special mention, etc...

The lucky winner would step on the red carpet to accept the award. The audience would also respond with endless warm applause. Excellent filmmakers would be reported in this event with god-like respect.

Zhu Xiaoce and the rest clapped along but felt something wrong the more they waited. The entire award ceremony would take more than an hour from start to end. More than 40 minutes had passed after looking at their watches.