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Finally, she shook her head. “None of them would work. Our current plan is the best one. I think we should persist.”

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Everyone instinctively looked at each other, confused.

Was she being a bit too stubborn?

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According to Director Lin’s initial analysis, she was not wrong to think this way.

Boss Pei was the one who decided to make the game a mini-client. They had improved the game’s quality, and cutting the mini-client into segments would cause the game to feel choppy. What’s more, they would be treating the symptoms and not the root problem. It might not deal with all their problems completely.

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That was all true, but were they really not allowed to change anything?

According to the game’s current situation-if they left it as it was, it would be hopeless. Lin Wan remained resolute. “We won’t change anything. Don’t worry for now, everyone. Rest well. Let’s keep observing the situation over the week. If the game’s figures remain the same after a week, we’ll think about something else.”

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin exchanged a look. They could tell that Director Lin had made up her mind.

Since that was the case, there was nothing else to be said. After the meeting ended, everyone went back to their desks and got back to work. They would wait patiently for a week. If things did not improve after a week, then they could discuss more.

If things didn’t improve… they would probably have to make major changes.

When she got back to her own office, Lin Wan’s head began to hurt.

Although she managed to cheer everyone up during the meeting and put up a strong front, she still felt very uncertain about the future.

“I will make some time one of these days to meet Boss Pei and ask for his advice.”

September 3rd, Friday…