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After some consideration, Pei Qian said, “Livestream platforms are offering higher prices, and competition between the clubs for outstanding members has been getting more intense. On a certain level, those are good signs... because they show that GOG’s esports circle is getting more and more attention.

“However, we have to be cautious of the risks that might come with it.

“Would players become obsessed with earning money if livestream platforms offer more remuneration than clubs do? Would they lose interest in taking part in competitions?

“Would there be unfair competition and tampering of contracts if competition between various clubs for outstanding members gets too intense?

“We have to guard against those things. If we fail that, all of GOG’s esports environment would be affected.

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“I think that we should set up another department to simultaneously regulate all of GOG’s esports environment!”

Zhang Yuan’s eyes lit up at once. “Boss Pei, please give me more details!”

Pei Qian sipped his tea and organized his thoughts.

“First of all, we have to provide a standard form contract for all clubs and esports athletes. At the same time, we should strictly prohibit dual contracts.

“A standard form contract can be a short-term or a long-term one, but the parties would only be allowed to edit basic content like the duration of the contract, the damages for breach of contract, the transfer fees, and remuneration. They would not be allowed to impose strange restrictions or conditions upon the members.

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“Unclear terms like ‘members must cooperate unconditionally with the club for business operations’ must be specially prohibited, and we will have to make it clear.

“The clubs may conduct business but only under our supervision. They cannot operate without boundaries or attempt to bully the esports athletes.

“On top of that, during the transfer season each year, clubs and free candidates may be allowed to interact and make promises without any restrictions. However, they would be prohibited from entering contracts in private. Before signing any contracts, we will arrange for the various clubs to bid for free players through a unified bidding system.

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“During bidding, clubs would be allowed to express their intentions and clarify their preferred duration of the contract, damages for breach of contract, remuneration, additional welfare benefits, and so on. For example, they could stipulate the amount of time that the members would be on stage for.

“Upon understanding the clubs’ intentions during bidding, we will allow athletes to decide which team they want to join. Both parties can only formalize and sign a contract if they choose each other. The clubs must not back out on any of the promises made during the bidding period. I will personally supervise this.

“Lastly, when a conflict arises, both parties must allow us to mediate between them. We will be mediators and ensure that both clubs and athletes compromise. A solution that satisfies all three parties would be agreed upon.

“The DGE Club will attract freelance players on the basis of these principles. If the members leave during the contractual period, they would only have to pay the lowest transfer fee or damages based on current standards.”

Zhang Yuan was stunned. “Boss Pei, isn’t that a bit idealistic? It doesn’t sound very practical, does it?