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What was this about?

Everything before ‘you can regard the actor in ‘Boss Pei’s Daily Life’ as Boss Pei himself’ was understandable.

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Why ‘regard as’? That was Boss Pei himself!

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That itself was not a lie, but it would have a misleading effect on the audience.

Qiao Liang entered into deep thought.

Could this be some performance art by Boss Pei again?

Oh, I understand!

Qiao Liang instantly thought about the ‘focus’ theory that Boss Pei emphasized repeatedly before.

Boss Pei had been emphasizing repeatedly that focus was everyone’s most precious wealth. Everyone listened carefully and expressed their enlightenment when they were listening to it, but they forgot all about it immediately.

Why did it matter who Boss Pei was and what he looked like?

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That was out of pure curiosity. They devoted a huge amount of focus and attention to Boss Pei, wasting time to do such meaningless things. Obviously, Boss Pei did not want everyone to do this.

Qiao Liang could not help but sigh. Boss Pei had really walked the talk with good intentions!

He must cooperate as a friend of Boss Pei!

Qiao Liang immediately reposted the video: “Boss Pei called on everyone to focus on more meaningful things, but everyone forgot it in the blink of an eye?”