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Zhu Xiaoce had no clue so he could only find a way to see if Lu Zhiyao had any good ideas.

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Zhu Xiaoce nodded gently at the door of Lu Zhiyao’s room.

The door opened after two minutes.

Zhu Xiaoce could not help but be shocked at Lu Zhiyao’s appearance.

The radiant, handsome movie king that arrived three days ago had become disheveled. He had short stubble growing on his chin, with eyes lacking focus.

Zhu Xiaoce was a little baffled. “What happened? Why did you become depressed over playing a game?”

“Director Zhu, your idea doesn’t work at all!” Lu Zhiyao exploded helplessly.

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“I have been gaming like a madman these few days and did my best, but I feel nothing.

“I’ve given up.”

[1] This means showing the intention of ending a disagreement.

After researching online for a long time…

Pei Qian still could not understand how Ocean Stronghold became so popular!

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He went through the comments section and found that the gamers were basically divided into two camps: one was for the game and one was against the game. Both camps were arguing profusely.

A mysterious alphabet C appeared on Ocean Stronghold’s ratings. There were a fair number of people who rated it with five stars but also a fair number rated it with one. In the end, its overall rating was 7.3.