Is there any software that answers questions online?

Is there any software that answers questions online?

(Well, I guess you’re right. …By the way, you gave a detailed report, Amanocchi. …Hmph.)

(T-That’s just a way to put it. By the way, why are you blaming me!?)

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(Hmph, it’s nothing. I was just thinking, how dare you be this arrogant? You’re just Amanocchi. I can’t help but punch you.)

(Seriously, how can you even carry that feeling for me? You sincerely don’t want me to be happy. We aren’t family, right?)

(Probably. Hmm, …even though we aren’t family, there’s some of that element in our relationship. Also, we are a little bit conscious of each other. …I’ve always felt that we’re quite suitable as a couple. ..Ah, right.)

(W-What? Do you understand your position now?)

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I asked Aguri-san nervously, who seemed to have realized something. What should I do? What if it’s a weird conclusion that can deteriorate our relationship? I don’t want-



She’s super right. I answered excitedly to this final answer.

(This is what I’m talking about, Aguri-san! Whether it’s that subtle arrogance, familiarity, that love-hate feeling, or that feeling of cheering up your friend but don’t want them to succeed, …we’re totally ex-husband and ex-wife!)

(Exactly! I mean, the key part isn’t ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, right? It’s because we don’t have that kind of youthful feeling between us, right?)

(Yes! Basically, we are a divorced couple that lived for 10 years together without any child!)