So so many shoe factories make money

So so many shoe factories make money

“What the heck! I was happy for nothing. I thought it was some big production.”

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“What the hell is a fitness game?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it for nothing. How disappointing!”

“Eh, does everyone find it boring? There’s no need to come to a conclusion now. Fitness games sound quite novel. Tengda Games has always had the power to turn something rotten into something magical. I think we can still look forward to it!”

“Sigh, it’s not that I don’t trust Boss Pei. The main thing is that not many people like this type of game. At the end of the day, fitness games are also for fitness services. It’s very difficult to be especially fun.”

“The key is that Tengda Games has been holding back for more than half a year. I was still looking forward to a masterpiece like Repent and be Saved. In the end, it produced a very perfunctory fitness game? That’s unacceptable!”

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“Why is Boss Pei doing something like this? Is it because he’s too busy with other industries?”

Meng Chang flipped through many netizens’ comments and finally smiled.

Yes, he succeeded!

Everyone’s attention had obviously been diverted.

Previously, many people had been guessing what type of game the new game would be. Some people had even guessed the RTS theme. However, the official statement had the effect of ‘making the final decision’.

Some people raised the question of “the two pictures don’t look like it”, after all, neither Mission and Choice nor Fitness had been released yet. Who knew what the images inside looked like?