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In the afternoon...

After a busy morning, Qi Yan finally arranged everything that she had planned.

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She had officially offered to hire these outstanding vendors as the Cold-Faced Lady’s gourmet consultants. Zhang Yahui immediately agreed. The other vendors were still hesitating. They said that they would give their answer after a few days.

Obviously, many vendors were bringing their families along. They had to communicate with their families before making this decision.

However, Qi Yan was very sure that this would be a win-win decision for the Cold-Faced Lady and the vendors.

These Gourmet Consultants would follow the proper recruitment process. Qi Yan also intended to learn from Fish-Catching Take-Out. She wanted to set up a small gourmet laboratory that included professional chefs, outstanding food vendors and nutritionists who would be in charge of chemical testing and nutritional balance. They would develop new snacks together.

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Fish-Catching Take-Out was Boss Pei’s business, and he would definitely approve of it.

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Boss Pei would probably be very impressed if she created a food laboratory for Fish-Catching Take-Out, right?

Even though she had never met Boss Pei before, Qi Yan could roughly guess his intentions based on her understanding of him.

The Gourmet Laboratory was also very important to street food.

Meng Chang was not wrong to compare local snacks to fast food in China. However, at the same time, he had to realize that there was a long way to go before local snacks became a real fast food brand.

Those fast food brands looked very simple. They were nothing more than fried chicken, fries, hamburgers, and so on. However, the entire supply chain, crafts, and research ability of the new products could not be underestimated. They had accumulated over a decade or even decades. They could not be caught up in a day or two.

Perhaps Meng Chang knew this very well and felt that it was impossible for him to do it. That was why he chose the conceptualization and the path of earning quick money.

There was a saying that there were only two ways in the world: one was the right way, and the other was the easy way.

Meng Chang chose the easy way while Boss Pei chose the right way.

Qi Yan felt that she had to carry out Boss Pei’s will in her position and strategy since Boss Pei had already found a way to break out of the situation, giving the cold-faced lady a chance to be reborn, and had already given a clear path to this terminally ill brand.

While Qi Yan did not know what the Cold-Faced Lady would become in the future, she was suddenly filled with confidence!

She stood up to get a cup of coffee after she was done with her work. At the same time, she checked on her colleagues in the office.