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Can I make money on online Beijing PK10?

“For Tengda, a high standard of design had to go into the work here. Hence, newcomers could only learn! Furthermore, this learning process had to be for an extended time…

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“Ah, I seem to have returned to high school. I’m quite nervous and the pressure is great.”

Ma Yiqun couldn’t help but salute Tengda. After running through Game Designer once, Ma Yiqun felt that it was very unique. This type of game… he had never seen it before!

It did not seem to belong to any commonly seen games in the market now. If this was something proposed at Shang Yang Games, the boss would have shot this down immediately. With no precedent and huge risks involved, Shang Yang Games’ boss would definitely not have invested money in it!

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However, it seemed like this kind of new and uncommon thing was quite normal. With the boss leading the way to innovate and come up with new ideas, all employees listened and cooperated seamlessly!

This kind of understanding and consensus was not something that could be fostered in a short while.

In Shang Yang Games, Ma Yiqun frequently heard some conversations like ‘is there precedence’, ‘which game is this copying’, ‘are there enough paywall options’, etc. In Tengda, he had not heard such talk at all. It seemed as if everyone was working in steps towards a common goal. Although Ma Yiqun didn’t understand, he felt this was something incredible!

Ma Yiqun deeply felt that he still had so much to learn.

“No wonder no work has been assigned to me; my abilities are still severely lacking! I must work hard to learn and understand what’s going on; I must align with Boss Pei’s train of thought as soon as possible!”

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Ma Yiqun quietly made up his mind.

In the afternoon...

Pei Qian briefly sorted out the current situation of the various industries in his office seeing that it was almost the weekend again.

Tengda Games, Shang Yang Games, Otto Technologies, Fei Huang Workspace, and the other departments’ new projects had all gone viral. What’s more, they have received good reviews. It felt like it would be difficult to salvage the situation.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Upwind Logistics, Deposit Fitness, Sloth Apartments, and other physical industries were still expanding according to the original plan. There were no big movements worth mentioning.