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"How is it, Karuizawa-san?".

Satou peeks at Karuizawa's phone and checked their seating positions.

"Our seats are separate, huh. Well, I guess that can't be helped---".

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Karuizawa shows Hirata the seats. Our positions were completely different. It seems coincidences don't run this far, but the position of our seats were completely separate.

"Then, let's go already, Ayanokouji-kun!".

Satou seemed modest and nervous when met up but after having met up with Karuizawa and Hirata, she seems to have returned to her usual attitude as she sticks close to me and begins walking.

".....too close".

I whispered that without thinking in a voice too low for anyone to hear. Having become a double date, the four of us walked towards the movie theater. The four of us, having lined up side-by-side, walked towards the interior of the mall. From the edge it would be me, then Satou, and next to her is Karuizawa, and the one furthest out on the other end is Hirata.

"Heh....you two are looking pretty good aren't you?".

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Looking at the two of us walking intimately, Karuizawa whispered that.


"No matter how you look at it, you guys look like a couple affectionately spending Christmas together, that sort of feeling?".

"Hehehe. Isn't it embarrassing, Ayanokouji-kun? They're saying we look like a couple".

".....I suppose so".