Do you sell electronic material online?

Do you sell electronic material online?

“The audience trusts Boss Pei, but the capitalist might not trust him. Many people believe that Boss Pei can create a good game, but they don’t believe that he can make a good league.”

“Through this incident, Boss Pei proved that he has absolute control over the GPL!”

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“He kicked the three clubs out, true to his words. The remaining clubs will unconditionally cooperate. At the same time, Boss Pei will not make a promotion system. Instead, he will spend a huge sum of money on the bottom-tier cultivation system. That is actually a clear signal: GPL is looking at the long term!”

“The sponsors would not worry about their money being wasted when they combine with the multiple signals. They will naturally sponsor the club and the GPL league.”

“This is the brilliance of Boss Pei: On the surface, he is spending money for long-term benefits, but in reality, he is spreading a signal. This signal will earn more money and solve short-term problems.”

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“Only rookies make choices. Experts get everything!”

“If you don’t believe me, we’ll wait and see. Before long, various sponsors will come knocking on our door.”

Li Shi had already drunk a little before and was a little tipsy. At that moment, his face was slightly red and he was extremely satisfied with his analysis.

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“I see!” Xue Zhebin replied with realization and tried hard to digest it.

At that moment, Pei Qian was focused on eating.

Everyone was talking. They were either talking loudly or whispering with their heads lowered. All of these voices made Pei Qian uneasy.

Suddenly, the cell phone in his pocket vibrated. It was Qiu Hong.

Pei Qian knew that something important must have happened. It so happened that he wanted to go out and take a breather, so he stood up and went outside to answer the call.

Pei Qian walked to a quiet corner and picked up the phone.

Qiu Hong briefly explained Wu Zhicheng’s situation over the phone.

“Boss Pei, that’s the general situation.”

“My consideration is that the most important problem now is not money. While independent game designers are short of money, they are also short of other things.”

“This is especially so for the various portions. The investment is huge and the effect is slow. It’s a difficult problem to solve.”

“Therefore, I’m not sure what to do with Wu Zhicheng’s situation.”