Is there a play card on the Internet?

Is there a play card on the Internet?

Chen Kangtuo handed the list with the content of the project to Boss Li. “This is an action to be completed in the project. Please go through it and memorize it.”

Li Shi took this piece of paper. His eyes scanned the content on it, and his eyebrows could not help but be raised.

There are a few simple explanatory texts on it:

‘Guests can ask to terminate the challenge at any time when they feel unwell.

‘Keep in mind the various steps and execute them accurately during the challenge. You will be eligible for the third project of the Thriller Hostel when you successfully clear the process.

‘You can continue to experience the entire process even if you took the wrong steps.

There is no time limit for items you have to memorize.

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‘Special note: The order of the following six items will be randomly disrupted during the challenge. Please do not memorize them mechanically.’

Next were the names of the six projects and the challenge items that needed to be achieved in each project.

There were basically five to seven challenge items each and had certain relevance to each other so it was not difficult to remember.

Take the bathroom project for example. It went like this:

Lock the bathroom door.

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Pick up the red candle on the ground and light it.

Put the candle in front of the mirror and shut your eyes for three seconds before looking into the mirror.

Turn on the tap and wash your hands.

Lie in the bathtub and press the timer; blindfold your eyes until the timer stops.

The challenge items basically focused on the entrance, the bathroom mirror, and the bathtub. The order was from outside to the inside. It would take only two to three minutes to remember it with a clear mind.