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“(P-perhaps I just want to avert my eyes from the truth that Amano-kun is dating someone…!)”

Hoshinomori-san, in a strangely good mood, continued to talk as I held my head in my hands.

“Ehehehe, I was surprised that you said that Uehara-san was dating someone. Tendo-san, having those kind of misunderstandings is an unexpected side of you.”

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Ah, maybe. After all, I face away from the truth and try to insert my own misunderstandings into the story. On the other hand, Hoshinomori-san accepts reality and acts with a clear mind and open heart—I should be like that!

As my thoughts kept swirling around in my head, Hoshinomori-san changed the subject, feeling that the current discussion had come to a conclusion.

“By the way… Tendo-san, are you on bad terms with Keita?”


The unexpected question made me look up and put a pause on my troubled thoughts about Amano-kun’s girlfriend.

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Hoshinomori-san continued, tilting her neck in curiousity.

“Um, that is, I don’t really know about the relationship between you two. Um, I know that you invited Keita to the Gamers Club, and that he refused, but nothing else…”

“Yea, that sounds about right, There’s nothing wrong there.”