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She’s chatting with her friends happily. I stared at the back of the girl that didn’t look at me dazedly.

(…Are we really in the same school and class…?)

The difference between her and me just makes the above fact unbelievable.

Even though we’re at the same time and place, there’s zero connection between us.

It’s like the separation between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

However, a person like this really exists in this school.

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For some reason, this fact made me-

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-really happy.

(This girl is the projection of the “games” that I’ve always loved.)

She’s unrealistically perfect. You can’t get close even if you want to.

However, …I’m already happy enough from just observing her as an unrelated person.

…In reality, this is a hopeless and dreamless high school life.

Even if we’re a thousand kilometers apart, …I know that “light” is here. It’s just that.

“Right, I’ll try my best today.”

I received a little bit of energy from her and continued my lonely life.