Can I make a game script online?

Can I make a game script online?

I got in on Keisei and Hirata's conversation.

"That's right. If we make our move then the rest is how Class B and Class D choose to act".

If we accept their special treatment, it could be seen as siding with Class A, after they used a brute force method.

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Even though it was only a short time, Hirata seemed to want to persistently think about it until the very last moment. Roughly three minutes have passed since the sudden proposal.

I don't know whether or not they're faithfully counting down each second but Matoba and the others are leisurely standing by.

Perhaps they've assumed someone would raise their hand. Or perhaps they're thinking up a different strategy. We watchfully waited down the remaining two minutes to see whether or not we should wait for Matoba and his group to make their move. That depends on the leaders of classes B and under.

"Kanzaki-shi. I have an idea, may I?".

Class D's Kaneda approached Class B's Kanzaki. Rather than whispering in a soft voice, it was a bold approach that everyone around could hear. Kaneda beckoned Hirata over too and in response, Hirata went over to him.

"I've determined that this could be considered an opportunity. Thanks to Class A assembling together, even if their class is to win, they'll only be able to gain two classes worth of bonus points. On top of that, considering the conditions they've laid out, we'd be able to position the Class A students however we want. In other words, it means we can form the remaining groups out of all four classes. Can't it be said that the higher our rank, the closer we'll be to Class A and this is the chance to do just that?".

"That's if we can beat the Class A group".

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I don't know the exact scores but during Paper Shuffle, Class A destroyed Class B. If this exam is a showdown of academic abilities then we'd be at a disadvantage.

"Sure there are risks. However, this isn't a simple showdown of academic abilities. How about it? I think it's best if we take action to overthrow Class A here. I believe it's not a bad idea".

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Kaneda said. To lay siege to Class A through the cooperation of three classes B, C and D is the objective here.

"Well, in order for our three classes to cooperate, we'd have to acknowledge Class A's group of 14 though. But, considering the four classes worth of bonus points we'd get, wouldn't that be nothing much? Furthermore, they're even offering special treatment so everything works out perfectly".