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“E-eh? But…”

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“Then do you not want me to help?”

Kushida looked at Horikita with widened eyes.

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“Fine. I’ll formally ask for your help again if this study group goes well.”

That was her reply. Even though Kushida probably had something in mind, Horikita decided to let it go for some reason and let her join.

After receiving an affirmative reply from the usually stubborn Horikita, Kushida jumped up in excitement.

“Really!? Yay!”

Looking truly happy, she cheered in delight. This appearance of hers is also cute.

“Best regards again, Horikita-san! Ayanokouji-kun!”

She extended her left and right arms towards the two of us.

Feeling a bit confused, both Horikita and I shook her hand.

“However, I don’t know if Sudou-kun and his friends with agree to join again.”

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“Yea. In the current situation, it certainly looks difficult.”

“Well then, can you leave it to me once again?” I can do at least this much after joining you guys. Ok?”