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“Are you aiming to monopolize the class points? Or is it something else? I’ve checked the group composition using the OAA, and while you guys seem to have formed groups with Class C and D, Kitou seems to be alone. And then, no matter how you spin it, Ichinose, Shibata and Sakayanagi being in a group together smells fishy. Are you working together?”

I was also interested in that. In addition to the three people Ryuuen named, Class A’s Hashimoto, and Kamuro,had formed a group with one of Class C’s best students, Ninomiya. And then, the “More People” special card that Asakura was supposed to have, was now with Hashimoto from Class A. This couldn’t be a mere coincidence.

“You’re free to interpret it however you want, but I cannot confirm anything.”

“I don’t want any of that diplomatic crap, I want just straight answers.”

“Then, let me make this simple for you. I’m not going to tell you anything about this, you bastard.” Katsuragi explicitly declared.

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Even though Katsuragi and Sakayanagi were rivals in their class, he would never reveal their plans to Ryuuen, who was their enemy.

“Only on the day of the exam shall we know how Sakayanagi will act, and no one will know before she says so. If you want to know despite this, you should go ask her directly.”

“Oh, so you don’t know just because she doesn’t trust you?”

“Well, that might be true.”

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Like Ryuuen said, Katsuragi didn’t necessarily know the situation Class A was in. He was perhaps the only one in Class A who wasn’t a member of the Sakayanagi faction, and so was their enemy. It was a well-known fact that didn’t need to be mentioned.

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Anyway, all of this was just a preamble.

“This is really sad, Katsuragi. This time last year, I considered you a worthy opponent in my strategies. However not a single trace of that person remains. It looks like it’s the end of the road for the loser of the faction war, eh?”